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  • Reflects 97% of sunlight
  • Keeps your interior 60° degrees cooler
  • Reduces fading of interiors
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes:
  • Sewn Velcro Fasteners
  • Water Resistant Nylon Bag
  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Color Options:
  • Reflective Silver (Standard)
  • 8 Optional Binding Colors (optional)

  • Overview

    Cee Bailey's Aircraft Plastics has introduced a custom line of Car, Truck, SUV and Van sunshields. We use the same aircraft quality material and edging system that is synonymous with our excellent aircraft sunshield systems costing up to $300.00 per set. All sunshields are handcrafted using the same manufacturing techniques as our aircraft sunshields.

    Cee Shades auto sunshields are individually made for each make and model of car, truck or SUV, and each set includes the windshield, driver and passenger door windows. The windshield shade is two pieces for easy fitment into the windshield area molding and around the rear view mirror. Our Cee Shades sunshields are custom fitted to exactly wedge into the window molding, which holds the shields securely in place. No other fasteners are needed. The Cee Shades are rolled up and fastened with velcro for storage in our water resistant nylon bag. These shades reflect 97% of sunlight, and will keep the inside of your vehicle surface temperatures up to 60 degrees cooler than without the use of our sunshades. Our sunshades also reduce fading of interiors by eliminating almost all UV and visible light rays to the dashboard and front seat area of the vehicle. The exact fit of the Cee Shades against the vehicle windshield and windows virtually eliminates all sunlight into the front seat compartment of your vehicle, and makes it difficult for others to see into the front seat compartment and dash. We sew a soft, sun resistant green edging across the border to finish the shade. Each comes with an "easy out" pull tab for easy removal from the window.

    Reflective silver is our standard sunshield material, along with our Standard Black Binding. We also offer 8 optional color choices for the edging material.


    For product and dealer promotion, our sunshields can be customized with dealer logos on the outside of the sunshield which maximizes "be seen" results. These labels can include your web site, email, 800 number or any other marketing feature to benefit your business and marketing campaigns.

    Call us for a product demonstration and a trial set for your dealership.